Testers Day preparing for a record number of visitors

After three years. and two canceled events, it’s time for Testers Day again. On June 1, the event will return on AstaZero’s test track outside Borås.
– We believe that there is a high demand for this type of activity and we are preparing to be able to receive even more of both participants and exhibitors this year, says Urban Dagerhorn, project manager for Testers Day 2022.

As before, Testers Day is arranged at AstaZero’s test track in Sandhult, outside Borås. The event is based on a joint seminar part with a number of keynote speakers and a part where the participants are divided into smaller groups for presentations at the exhibitors.

– In recent years, the event has been cancelled due to covid, now we look forward to coming back again with a partly new approach if there is a large interest, says Urban Dagerhorn.

A lot has happened in three years and he believes that today there is a high demand for this type of activity. Therefore, we have looked at developing the event and providing space for more participants, without increasing congestion.

– We are looking at the possibility of dividing the common part and instead of a large session, having three smaller sessions, in this way we get room for more delegates, but still fewer participants per session.

The joint sessions are now integrated with the smaller groups that go around in workshops with the exhibitors. With the new arrangement, Testers Day could provide space for up to 150 delegates and about 15 exhibitors.

A number of exciting speakers are already booked. One of them is Håkan Burden from RISE who will provide an update on legal requirements in connection with self-driving vehicles and what happens internationally (USA, England and Germany), and how Sweden is related to it, both in terms of opportunities and limitations and who takes the lead in development.

– He will also present an investigation into the top five countries, which have the best conditions to support self-driving vehicles.

Also ready is Mikael Ljung Aust from Volvo Cars, who is a behavioral scientist and who will talk about ”Human Factors” results with a connection to self-driving vehicles. A lot of the studies are run on AstaZero so it will be an elegant connection and also has high relevance for future testing.