AstaZero – A unique facility

AstaZero is the leading testbed for the automated transportation system of the future. Located in Sweden with its heritage within vehicle active safety and with an ownership consisting of an institute, RISE and a university, Chalmers, AstaZero is uniquely positioned to take an active role in the transformation of society. The testbed provides unique capabilities needed in research, development and validation of self-driving and connected vehicles as well as the surrounding infrastructure.

AstaZero includes a number of test environments. Each one represents typical environments important for research and development within the area of automated vehicles and active safety. With access to exclusive communication networks, knowledge about vehicle set-up and sensors and with a flexible and real infrastructure, AstaZero serves as well as partner to industry, academy, institutes and authorities as a venue for networking and collaboration.

Core Services

• Unique environments to build any scenario in order to develop, test or certify new traffic safety solutions, making it possible to test literally all aspects of active safety and autonomous functions in one place.
• Center of Excellence in development of methods and test equipment.
• Collaboration between proving grounds internationally.
• A high level of service where a customer’s problem and its solution are in focus of the entire operation.
• Demonstration facility and assistance with product launches, conferences and corporate events.

AstaZero does not only provide a unique test environment, but also help clients to analyze and draw conclusions from results by supplying test and research engineers and other technicians who can assist in testing, development and research projects.