Extending the Proving Ground for AV testing

Would test and validation of self driving vehicles need different tracks than is offered at AstaZero today? To answer this question AstaZero have done research there we have study what is needed to be changed on existing tracks and if AstaZero need to extend the proving ground with new tracks. This presentation will show the working progress and what is the background to one of the planned new tracks at a future AstaZero.

Dr. Hans-Peter Schörer worked for 29 years at R&D of Daimler AG. 2004 – 2018 as Senior Manager responsible for development and supply of methods for testing and validation for future chassis and assistance systems, including autonomous driving functions. This included methods to provide reproducible testing situations on proving grounds with automatically driven coordinated vehicles, simulation methods for function development and testing, and for Daimler’s Driving Simulation Center in Sindelfingen.

Håkan Andersson is Proving Ground Manager at AstaZero. AstaZero is the leading testbed for the automated transportation system of the future. Located in Sweden with its heritage within vehicle active safety and with an ownership consisting of an institute, RISE and a university, Chalmers, AstaZero is uniquely positioned to take an active role in the transformation of society.