A realistic Soft City Scape environment for vehicle testing and development

Moshon Data supplies a range of vehicle targets starting from the official Euro NCAP Vehicle Target (EVT), to our own, cost-effective vehicle target, foam targets and custom targets such as pedestrians, shopping trolleys and animals that are commonly involved in vehicle-wildlife collisions such as deer or moose. They also offer expert training and consultancy services about AEB /ADAS testing not only into the vehicle testing and transport industry, but also into the wider community promoting the significant benefits of ADAS safety systems. It is their aim to help spread the good word about ADAS technology and support wherever possible the application of safety systems onto all vehicles saving lives.

At this year’s Testersday Moshon Data plans to setup a realistic Soft City Scape environment for vehicle testing and development. Moshon believes that while many miles of Autonomous vehicle testing are conducted on real roads these days, there is still a very real need to introduce the vehicle sensors to a variety of specific dangerous scenarios like a pedestrian walking out from behind a wall or car, scenarios that cannot be conducted safety on public roads. This is where MD come in, making real world road furniture objects placed in a realistic soft environment and tested to behave to the vehicle sensors like the real thing – but all made from soft materials.